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This revolutionary service is designed to continually monitor the cyber landscape for new incidents, making astute assessments, and delivering viable case opportunities directly to your firm.

Unlike traditional incident-specific services, CaseMatrix operates on an ongoing basis. We are constantly scanning the horizon for significant data breaches and cyber incidents, evaluating their impact, and estimating the potential for successful litigation.

Our methods are manifold. We use an array of sophisticated techniques to collect and collate data, including direct outreach to individuals affected by cyber incidents. This is more than just gathering data - it's about forging connections, building a case base, and giving you the power to select cases that align with your firm's qualifying criteria.

Whether you're seeking cases with substantial financial losses, GDPR-related incidents, or any specific criterion, CaseMatrix enables you to specify and receive cases that suit your firm's needs.


Our tailored, incident-specific information gathering service. From widespread data breaches to targeted cyber-attacks, our EventLens service provides comprehensive analysis and precise evaluations.

With EventLens, we delve into the scale of affected individuals, probe potential financial losses, and furnish technical opinions, equipping you with a granular understanding of the incident's impact.

Leverage the power of EventLens and move your case forward with unmatched confidence and clarity

Tailored to Fit Your Firm

Our services aren't one-size-fits-all. CaseMatrix is designed to align perfectly with your workflow, delivering information and potential cases that meet your firm's specific needs.

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