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Our Mission

Our mission is to identify and analyze cybersecurity breaches, providing victims with support and legal opportunities. Through collaboration with solicitors and our expert cybersecurity practitioners, we transform breaches into pathways for justice, fostering a safer digital environment.

Our Story

Our journey began while serving as expert witnesses on a significant cybersecurity breach case. Despite the breach affecting over 250,000 individuals, only a handful had come forward to be part of the legal action. It was a moment of realization for us.

With the unique data and insights we had access to, we recognized that we could not only build the case for those affected but also turn this approach into a broader service. We saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between the vast number of victims and the legal pathways available to them.

Thus, our service was born. We now dedicate ourselves to identifying breaches, conducting rigorous analysis, and reaching out to victims. By offering free cybersecurity support and connecting victims with legal opportunities, we are transforming breaches into pathways for justice.

Our mission is more than just a service; it's a commitment to fostering a safer digital environment and empowering those affected by breaches to seek the justice they deserve.

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