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CaseMatrix: Decoding Complexity for Legal Clarity

Discover a new era of legal intelligence with CaseMatrix. We identify potential class action cases arising from cyber incidents and data breaches, granting you the freedom to decide which to take on. Enhance your decision-making, save precious time, and optimize your practice. Your success is defined by your choices - make CaseMatrix one of them.

Maximizing Your Legal Potential

CaseMatrix turns cyber incidents into your opportunity. Navigate the complex legal landscape with our insightful case identification. Stay ahead, stay efficient, and seize the opportunities that matter most to your firm.

Identify Potential Cases

We uncover potential class action cases arising from large-scale cyber incidents and data breaches.

Time Saving

Our efficient process saves valuable time, allowing our clients to focus on their core legal work.

Empowering Decision Making

We present all potential cases to our clients, giving them the autonomy to choose which to pursue.

Streamlines Practise

CaseMatrix enhances legal practice efficiency by providing clear, actionable information.

Turning Cybercrime Complexity Into Legal Clarity

Our vision at CaseMatrix is to become the leading partner for legal firms navigating the complex landscape of cybercrime. We aspire to stand at the forefront of legal intelligence, offering our unique service of identifying potential class action cases from large-scale cyber incidents and data breaches. Our ambition is to revolutionise the way legal firms approach cybercrime, by transforming raw, intimidating data into clear, actionable insights.

We imagine a future where the complexity of cyber incidents doesn't hamper but enhances the legal process. In this future, each cyber incident isn't merely a breach, but an opportunity - an opportunity for legal firms to uphold justice, an opportunity for affected individuals to claim their rights, and an opportunity for businesses to learn, adapt, and grow.

We seek to create a world where legal decisions are not just informed, but transformative. A world where every cybercrime victim is not just a statistic, but a catalyst for change. A world where justice isn't an uphill battle, but a streamlined process. We aim to make this world a reality by continually refining our intelligence gathering, analysis, and delivery process.

Ultimately, our vision is to create a ripple effect in the realm of cybercrime. As we empower legal firms with the insights they need, they, in turn, can deliver justice and cyber breach victim support more efficiently and effectively. By transforming the narrative of cybercrime, we envision building a more secure, resilient, and just digital world.

Cybercrime in the UK, By The Numbers


Increase in cyber crimes over the last 4 years


Lost to cyber crime in the UK in the last 12 mo


Incidents of cyber crime reported by UK businesses in 22/23


of UK businesses experienced a cyber breach in 22/23


Of UK businesses lost personal data to a breach in 21/22

Turn Cyber Incidents into Opportunities – Start with CaseMatrix Today

Don't let the complexities of cybercrime hold you back. At CaseMatrix, we're revolutionizing the way legal firms approach and respond to cyber incidents. By transforming intimidating data into clear, actionable insights, we're paving the way for efficient and effective legal actions. Join us in navigating this new landscape, and seize the opportunities that matter most to your firm. Start leveraging our unique service today to turn potential cases from large-scale cyber incidents into your legal advantage.

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